10 Foods You Never Eat at Buffet

When you attend the wedding of your acquaintance, you will eat. In particular, wedding dishes are often 'buffet'. Even if this wedding meal isn't necessary, there are plenty of unlimited buffet these days. Beef is hard to beat because you can get different types of food at a cheaper price. If you enjoy unlimited amounts of food, you should be careful because there are many risks, such as diabetes, obesity, and food poisoning. It is suggested that you abandon your desire to choose the central shrine and make your meal worthwhile. Make a good choice. So today we prepared "10 Meals You Should Never Eat If You Can Eat All ..

01. Frying

There may be no doubt that fried foods in a fine restaurant will be healthy, but cooking with a large amount of saturated or trans fat oils breaks down all sorts of desire to maintain a balanced diet. You may be tempted to serve fried rice, noodles, fries, fried eggs, and more. In buffets, fried foods are greasy and rich in calories, while they are nutritious and cause problems. Instead, choose low-fat baked dishes.

02. Salad Dressing

Salad is a reasonable choice in the buffet if you do not add dressing. Salad dressings may seem harmless, but they are diet killer. Commercial varieties used in buffet restaurants are full of fat, full of additives and sodium and sugar. Since homemade dressing is the only way not to consume any harmful ingredients, it is recommended to skip salad dressing from the buffet. If you need a dressing, lightly vinegar in olive oil and sprinkle with salt and fresh black pepper.

03. Time

Numerous buffets offer sushi, but is there a place to eat as much as you like? Uncooked seafood can be a trap in diseases caused by food. Healthy sashimi needs high quality seafood. All you can eat is limited, so you can only doubt the high quality. One of the 20 years of the wedding hall told me not to eat the creation party at the wedding buffet. It is said that low-quality fish such as tilapia are often sliced ​​under the name of sea bream, and such low-grade meat looks more luxurious to the naked eye. If the buffet is expensive, we have whole tuna and salmon, but it's better.

04. Beverages other than water

Feel free to eat in an unlimited way and you will eat more than you normally would. Avoid iced teas and drinks because they are full of sugar and additives. If you drink plenty of water in your mouth to clean your palate and eat properly, you can eat what you need in an unlimited meal and stay healthy.

05. Sprout Vegetables

Spooning a plate at the salad bar seems a healthy choice, but vegetables are more susceptible to infection than other foods. Sprout vegetables are more likely to contain harmful bacteria because they grow in damp environments and are difficult to wash thoroughly. Avoid sprouting vegetables to avoid the risk of food poisoning. Choose vegetables that grow in a drier environment and have a softer texture. Bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots are suitable.

06. Dish Containing Dairy Products

Most of the food at the buffet will not be good for us. Buffet dishes are especially vulnerable to food-borne diseases because they are served over a long period of time. In particular, cream-based dishes containing dairy products are a category that should be avoided. Milk, cream and sour cream are easier to spoil. What's more, saturated fats increase cholesterol levels, which is bad for heart health. Choose tomato base instead of cream pasta and soup.

07. Rice cakes and cakes

Secondly, the price of the buffet is second, and most of the factory products are delivered. It is said that the unit price is about 2 or 3 times lower than that of general bakeries and bakeries. The reason why these factory products are not good is because the quality of rice or flour is poor and most food additives are added. This is why rice cakes and cakes from the buffet do not rot even if left at room temperature.

08. Chicken and Duck Cooking

Most chicken and duck dishes are imported instant products. These include chicken rods, chicken wings, and smoked ducks. In addition, frozen chicken smells very different from beef. To remove this smell, it is said to add unpleasant spices to the cooking process.

09. Cooking eel and octopus

The eel and octopus delivered to the buffet are a must-have if you borrow the words of a 20-year veteran of the wedding hall. Most seasoned eel is made from imported frozen eel, and it is an instant product with seasoning. Also, octopus is mostly clan (imported squid), which is chewy and tasteless.

10. Roll, sweet and sour meatballs

The beginning and end of California Roll is 'Avocado'. It is said that most of them do not use real avocado and roughly combine instant ingredients together to make shapes. In particular, sweet and sour meat and meatballs are said to be the lowest priced product in the buffet. Because it is an instant product, people who eat it are said to be the most delicious food for buffet makers.