10 symptoms of hypothyroidism that your body should never leave

If you are constantly sleepy and lose weight, you should suspect hypothyroidism, which affects millions of people around the world. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped artery under the neck that secretes two very important hormones, thyroxine and thyroid-stimulating hormone. With hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone levels rise, while thyroid hormone levels are lower than normal. These hormone imbalances cause the pituitary gland to work more than normal because it tries to return hormone levels to normal.Today's topic that needs to be checked carefully for the symptoms that I thought about lightly is "10 kinds of symptoms of hypothyroidism, which the body should never let go of. "
01. Continuous fatigue
There are many causes for fatigue, but the symptoms are associated with hypothyroidism. If hypothyroidism is the cause of these symptoms, you can deal with it by exercising or by increasing physical activity.

02. Weight gain
Have you gained weight recently but haven't found the cause? This may be due to hypothyroidism. Degradation of the thyroid gland causes slow metabolic function. Even if you regularly diet and exercise, you will not gain weight because your body's water and salt builds up when your thyroid gland becomes poor.

03. forgetfulness
If the thyroid gland is not functioning properly, cognitive function is impaired. In the aftermath of the hormonal imbalance, it can cause forgetfulness and memory loss. Hormone deficiencies and imbalances affect the nervous system, slowing everything down.

04. High Cholesterol Levels
It's common for doctors not to look for thyroid problems during the exam, but it's likely you're measuring your cholesterol. If you have high blood pressure, you may point to thyroid problems. This is because hypothyroidism can reduce the removal of cholesterol particles from the body. A good food to lower this level is oatmeal called overnight.

05. Less interested in love.
Even if you are not interested in love, you can point out thyroid disorders. This is because there is a close relationship between thyroid function and adrenal glands, which are organs that regulate hormones such as testosterone. For example, low levels of thyroid hormones can lower the hormone levels needed for love.

06. I feel depressed or depressed
One of the side effects of hypothyroidism is feeling down or suffering from depression. Depression may of course be associated with others, but it may be a sign of hypothyroidism, especially if you have experienced one or more of the other symptoms mentioned on this list.

07. Dry Skin
If you've been desperately trying to rehydrate your skin and haven't worked, it could be a sign of thyroid problems. Texture and appearance changes are the result of low thyroid function. Special care should be taken if the skin is dry, nails are easily broken, wound healing is slowed and hair loss is accompanied. If this happens in combination, we recommend that you see your doctor.

08. Constipation
Constipation can be caused by poor thyroid function. As the thyroid gland is involved in metabolic regulation, digestive system activity can be slowed down when the function decreases. This weakens the muscle contraction surrounding the digestive system. This causes the stools to move too slowly in the intestines. Eating fiber-rich foods can help constipation, but if symptoms persist, it's time to see your doctor.

09. Muscle Pain
It is normal to experience fatigue with muscles that exercise regularly, but if the fatigue persists, you may suspect a thyroid problem. Hormones that regulate metabolism can affect how your muscles feel when you are underweight. To counter these symptoms, try low impact exercises such as elliptical stepping or swimming. It is also recommended to increase the amount of fish in the meal menu.

10. Cold ride
It is not normal to wear several layers of clothing that are cold in the middle of summer. If you have a lot of colds, you may suspect a thyroid problem. The thyroid gland regulates body temperature. Too little thyroid hormone is affected. If others have a lot of cold while they are hot, it may be a sign of hypothyroidism.