11 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast

11 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast

These days, entertainments that remind people of the importance of eating one meal, such as `` three o'clock ' ' and `` pick up one meal , '' are popular. You will feel how precious it is to eat one meal. By the way, if you are busy starting the day, you often miss the morning. Some people don't eat breakfast very often. If you look at what I'm introducing today, I'm going to have to worry about 'morning' once again. Today we are posting Article about  "The 11 Amazing Reasons to Have Breakfast . "
01. Weight loss effect
Many people skip breakfast if they are bothered or busy in the morning. But people who usually skip breakfast usually have a 50% more chance of becoming overweight. Skipping breakfast inflates your cravings for sugar and fatty foods. In addition, when hunger gets worse, food intake increases during the day. And this sometimes exceeds the recommended daily calorie intake. Eating breakfast can help prevent overweight.

02. Improving Intellectual Skills
Including breakfast in your daily diet improves cognitive function. In an experiment conducted in two groups of 12-15 year olds, one refrained from eating breakfast. As a result, the group who skipped breakfast showed poor intellectual ability. Eating breakfast improves concentration, memory and mentality.

03. Breakfast will resume metabolism.
Will the car leave without fuel? No? Likewise, you will have to eat breakfast to resume metabolism. Breakfast is the first meal for your body that day. Various studies on the importance of breakfast have shown that those who eat breakfast have a smoother metabolism. When you wake up in the morning, you need to eat breakfast to boost your metabolism and trigger the fat burning process.

04. Improve your athletic performance
Breakfast provides our body with vitamins and useful nutrients. At the start of the day, enough nutrients make our body healthier. As a result, eating breakfast will enrich your body, and all fat will work out and be ready to burn. It's an improvement in motor skills.

05. Reduced risk of diabetes and disease
Harvard University of Public Health has conducted research to find a link between eating habits and health. For about six years 46,289 women participated in the study. Surprising research shows that women who avoid eating breakfast are 54 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than women who eat breakfast every day. A healthy diet, including daily breakfast, helps reduce the risk of low blood sugar, low blood pressure and diabetes.

06. Improves mood and energy levels
A 1999 study published in the journal Physiological Behavior found that avoiding breakfast can have a negative impact on energy and mood. The British team studied 144 healthy people who fasted overnight. It was divided into three groups. One group had a healthy and moderate breakfast, the second group only had coffee, and the third group had no breakfast. After that, I monitored the group for several hours. The study showed that the group who did not serve breakfast showed decreased memory and high fatigue. Just eat your meal in the morning and feel better.

07. Heart health improves .
A study published in JAMA found that people who skip breakfast are about 27% more likely to have a heart attack compared to those who eat breakfast. Leah Cahill, who led the study, says the risk of heart disease is not high enough to worry. But she also supports the fact that a healthy breakfast can actually reduce the risk of a heart attack.

8.Improving relationship with family
Having breakfast together is a great way to have a good time with your family. So instead of skipping breakfast, enjoy the moment. Please keep the preciousness and health of the conversations you had while eating together in one place.

09. Hangover
Did you drink too much the night before? Eat a nutritious breakfast to prevent hangovers. A healthy breakfast can help compensate for the loss of nutrients such as iron, folic acid and other minerals and vitamins. If you skip breakfast, you may experience hangovers such as headaches and nausea.

10. Hair loss prevention
Low protein protein meals affect the dead skin cells that slow hair growth and cause hair loss. Plays an important role in promoting hair follicle growth. Leaving a protein-rich breakfast every morning can put you at risk of hair loss.

11. Sticky Migraine Prevention
When you have low blood sugar, your body begins releasing hormones that can supplement your glucose. This increases blood pressure, causing migraines and headaches. Breakfast should be cherished as it is the first meal of the day that is eaten 12 hours after a good night's sleep.

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