11 signs that you are eating too much sugar sweets choclate etc.

11 signs that you are eating too much sugar sweets choclate etc.

Most people think that only diabetics have high blood sugar levels. But this is an illusion. Any person can suffer from complications and be affected by nerves, blood vessels and organs. In particular, it can cause complications due to excessive intake of sugar. You should think about the following signals. The name 11 kinds of signs that you eat too much sugar is...

01. Endless Hunger

High blood sugar prevents glucose from entering the cells. As a result, the body receives no energy and continues to ask for food. It is a vicious cycle that constantly creates hunger.

02. Increased fatigue

In hyperglycemia, the body cannot store and absorb enough glucose. Energy is used inefficiently, and your body's cells don't get the fuel they need. This often leads to the fact that people feel tired for no reason.

03. Frequent urination activity 

If your blood sugar is too high, your kidneys won't be able to reabsorb fluid. Therefore, our body normalizes the level by dissolving blood with intracellular fluid to adjust the glucose level in the blood and cells. This leads to frequent urination.

04. Dry mouth, excessive thirst

The hypothalamus assesses the level of dehydration, causes thirst and sends signals corresponding to the brain. Of course, you can not refuse alcohol, but it is better to choose water or tea without sugar.

05. Weight Loss

Even if you have a lot of food and are high in calories, high glucose levels can help you lose weight in a short period of time. There are several reasons for this. Fluid loss due to frequent urination leads to low levels throughout the body and leads to weight loss. If insulin levels are not enough for glucose metabolic activity, the body switches to fat burning mode. When you eat a lot of high blood sugar, your body consumes more calories.

06. Infection

Urinary tract infection (UTI) and yeast infections can occur in both men and women. It is found more often, especially in women with high sugar and diabetes. This is because large amounts of sugar create a good environment for the growth of yeast and bacteria.

07. Dry Skin

Dry skin is associated with high blood sugar for many reasons. Excessive urination dehydrates the body to cause dry skin. Low blood circulation damages nerves and disrupts the normal functioning of the glands, affecting the skin's moisture balance.

08. Lower concentration

In high blood sugar, the brain has difficulty getting energy because glucose is not supplied to brain cells. These symptoms have a negative effect on slowing down as you think and make decisions.

09. Blurry vision

Blurry vision is the result of dehydration effect due to high blood sugar. It also affects optic nerve cells. This causes the eye to lose its ability to focus properly through transformation.

1 0. Delayed wound healing

High blood sugar can cause blood vessel damage. This causes bad circulation. These symptoms occur throughout the body, causing malnutrition in the tissues of the cell. If a wound has occurred anywhere is delayed.

1 1. Hypersensitivity

Studies show that people who consume a lot of sugar are anxious, irritable and depressed. The brain wants an even supply of glucose. Factors such as a sudden increase are said to have a negative effect. Sugar also affects the absorption of other nutrients responsible for mood.

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