6 Simple Exercises To Fix Your Sick Feet

6 Simple Exercises To Fix Your Sick Feet

Nothing makes you feel more miserable than a sore foot. Most foot pains are caused by inactivity or lack of flexibility, according to physiotherapist David Liavi who developed special treatment techniques to help rehabilitation programs for injured athletes. David recommended a series of stretching exercises to help prevent pain and pain and avoid future problems. To permanently get rid of chronically painful feet, we recommend doing the following stretch once a day: Today's theme is "6 Simple Exercises to Fix Sick Feet" recommended by a physiotherapist .

01. Stretching the Front of the Foot.

The main problem area of ​​the leg, the thick connective tissue that supports the arch in the sole of the foot, is the plantar fascia. This exercise prevents muscle stiffness, which significantly reduces the intensity of pain.

• Knee down as shown in picture 1 and make sure your heels are under your pelvis and your soles are straight.

• Keep your back straight and weight on your feet, not your knees.

• Tighten the core muscles to support your body slowly and tilt slowly at an angle without bending your legs as shown in the picture.

• Hold this position for 30 seconds, rest for 1 minute, and repeat 3 times.

02. Stretch the back of the foot

This exercise broadens the range of exercises, focusing on the heel muscles. It is especially good for those who put a lot of pressure on areas like jogging or power walking. Similar to stretching the heel above, but do something like this:

• Kneel and pull your feet back toward the ceiling as shown in picture 1.

• Keep your back straight and weight on your hips, not your knees.

• Tighten the core muscles to support your body slowly and tilt them at an angle without bending your legs as shown in picture 2.

03. Arch stretching

Soles have a lot of nerves and pressure points, which is painful when the muscles are stiff. Using a tennis ball or something hard on the arch of the foot is very easy to treat.

• Take off your shoes and place a tennis ball under your sole. Apply some pressure to the ball.

• Roll the ball backward from the tip of the toe to the heel.

• Roll the ball to the arch shape.

• Repeat the exercise for about 5 minutes. Apply pressure to the ball to keep it slow and stable and to enjoy more movement.

04. Stretching the calf muscles (gastrocnemius)

It's an exercise that stretches the calf muscles. The gastrocnemius is prone to painful cramps after long periods of standing or running. With proper stretching below, spasms can easily be avoided.

• Put your feet on the ends of stairs, chairs, and so on, and support your sides with your heels up.

• Place your left foot pad on the floor while keeping the other half of your foot in the air.

• Cross your right foot behind your left foot as shown in photo 1.

• Lower your body by stretching your left leg slowly as shown in photo 2.

• Hold this position for 30-60 seconds. Repeat for the other foot.

• Repeat 2 times each.

05. Stretching the calf in a sitting position.

This stretch also combines arm movements. Once you need a long piece of fabric or a rope or rubber band.

• Now Sit on floor and keep your back Sight straight.

• Fold your right leg and extend your left leg as shown in the picture.

• Wrap the band around your soles and hold them with both hands.

• Pull the band carefully. Keep your feet straight so your knees are not folded or bent.

• Stretch for 20-30 seconds and switch to the other foot.

06. Stretching calf and ankle yoga

This stretch is commonly known as the "Downward Facing Dog." It is especially effective for pulling the legs out of the body. This exercise can be difficult for some people, so exercise with caution.

• Start lying on the floor. Your forearms and toes should be able to support your weight from the ground.

• Raise your pelvis up, like an upside down V like the picture.

• Lower your right foot down until it is flat on the floor.

• Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and switch to another leg.

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