9 foods that made you sleepy

9 foods that made you sleepy

Have you ever had the urge to take a nap after lunch? No matter how hard I struggled, I have spent a moment when I see myself drowsy and nodding. What if the reason you love to sleep or push your day's drowsiness as a flock is caused by food you ate without your knowledge? Today, we introduce 9 foods that have made you sleepy
01. Dairy Products
Of all dairy products, hard cheeses contain large amounts of calcium, making them the most comfortable. Adding crackers to cheese makes carbohydrates even more powerful, inducing Tryptophan.

02. Almond
Almonds are rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which produces melatonin, often known as "sleep hormones." In addition, these nuts are packed with magnesium, which helps to relax your muscles and make you feel drowsy.

03. Banana
Bananas, one of the national snacks, are easy to eat and often go hand in hand. By the way, the sugar, potassium and magnesium found in bananas can easily penetrate tryptophan into the brain, causing drowsiness.

04. Walnut

Walnuts have less tryptophan than almonds, but they have their own source of melatonin. Studies have shown that walnuts cause drowsiness by increasing hormone levels in the blood.

05. Cherry
Cherries have a relatively high melatonin content. However, eating a little fresh cherry will not have a drowsy effect. Drinking a glass of cherry juice does not require time to be sleepy.

06. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile contains glycine, an amino acid with a mild calming effect that relaxes the muscles and nervous system. After a cup of chamomile tea, it is not easy to open your eyes and focus on the important issues.

07. Pumpkin Seeds

In addition to tryptophan, pumpkin seeds contain a significant amount of zinc and magnesium. These compounds make you calm and relaxed, and you may be unable to beat your sleepiness for a few minutes.

08. White Rice

White rice has a high glycemic index, which can cause drowsiness 3 to 4 hours after eating. Researchers have found that jasmine rice (flavor), in particular, makes you sleep faster than other rice.

09. Oily Fish
Acids found in salmon, tuna, and many fatty fish increase melatonin production. This acid lowers the levels of stress hormones in the blood and puts back what you want to do after eating.

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