9 surprising foods that are mistaken for eating

9 surprising foods that are mistaken for eating

In food, 'food' is very close to health. It is almost impossible to live 100% healthy, but there is no doubt that it is good to eat something that is good for our bodies. In order to eat good food, they learn through various information channels and obtain and eat food. There are products that produce unexpected results. I'm going to talk today. In order to avoid eating the food that many people thought was healthy, they had to choose well and eat it .
01. Banana Chips
It has the advantage of containing almost the same ingredients as bananas such as dietary fiber, iron, potassium and magnesium. But manufacturers add flavor enhancers and sugar to banana chips. Alternative method: Cook banana chips directly in the oven or air dryer.

02. Rye Biscuits (Crisp bread)
There are many varieties of rye nuts. These products often come with snacks such as crispy bread containing harmful oils. Alternative method: Read the composition carefully. No yeast, modified starches, preservatives, dyes or antioxidants The best rye biscuits are made from grain or coarse wholemeal flour.

03. Gluten Free Foods
Gluten is a protein found in grains that can be mixed with flour and water. It is dangerous for people with gluten intolerance, accounting for 1% of the world's population. Others should avoid these proteins without talking to your doctor. Foods that do not contain gluten contain more refined additives and are more harmful. Alternative method: eat normal bread and do not eat too much.

04. Dried Fruits And Candied Fruits
Dried fruits are healthy by themselves, but they are treated with mold remover and sulfur dioxide to protect them from mold and maintain their color. Candied fruits give us much less because of the large amount of sugar. Alternative method: Drying and eating fruits at home is much healthier.

05. Processed Cheese
In addition to the fact that processed cheese has a large number of additives, a huge amount of sodium is a problem. For example, eating a sandwich with three slices of processed cheese is equivalent to eating two-thirds of the daily recommended amount of sodium. Alternative method: use a variety of fine cheeses, salted cottage cheese.

06. Canned fruits and vegetables
Canners add vegetable barbecue sauces, vinegar and other unhealthy things. For example, canned beans contain three tablespoons of sugar, according to international nutritionist Nicole Rodriguez. Alternative method: it is recommended to use canned vegetables or fresh ingredients immediately without salt, sugar or preservatives.

07. Starch Vegetable
Corn, pears, potatoes, zucchini and yams have less fiber, vitamins and minerals than other vegetables and fruits, but they have a higher calorific value. This does not mean that you should reject this vegetable. If you continue your diet, you should not simply eat large amounts. Alternative method: choose non-rigid (all crunchy and juicy) vegetables. If you eat after 6pm, be sure to follow this method.

08. Yogurt
Yogurt for sale contains a lot of sugar and protein. It also gives you the impression of eating quickly because you don't have to chew. Alternative method: Choose yogurt with low sugar (less than 10g) and high protein (about 6g). Or buy Greek yogurt and eat fruit with your own hands.

09. Instant Oatmeal
Everyone knows that oatmeal is good for health, but few people know that flakes that need to be cooked for 2-3 minutes don't really help. The smaller size means more processing and higher glycemic index, resulting in extra calories. Of course, instant oatmeal with additives and sweeteners is worse. Alternative method: choose coarse peanuts. It takes longer to boil, but it will give you everything you expected from real oatmeal.

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