Acne And Pigmentation Its Solutions

It is an infectious disease of sebaceous glands or oily gland.

Types of Acne :

  • Simple Acne :
It comes at the age of 10 to 16 years. In just 2 to 3 acne appear which naturally comes   before or after normal menstrual cycle and reduces automatically.
  • Compound Acne :
It comes at the age of 12 to 13 years. In one or two acne there will be pus also.
  • Acne Hydrosis :
This can be due to dying, perming of due to threading also.
  •  Acne Shades :
It comes in the old age about 60 years. It can be due to mass of pus, decrease of   astringent level.
  • Acne Rosaliya :
It comes in the age of 25 to 30 years. It is due to frustration.
  • Acne Allergies :
It is a vast stage of acne followed by pus, head less, open poses, black heads, white   heads, and swelling around the pimples.
Causes of Acnes are of two types and THEY ARE Internal and External
  • Internal :
Worms, constipation, inheritance, short temper, worries, tension taking more pills during deliveries, abortions, too much drinking and smoking cool drinks, spicy foods,  chocolatess, ice creams, fried products etc ...

External :

 Swimming and streaming, sun, sea water, cosmetics, bleach, threading, waxing,  electrolysis, not following the rules of cleansing timing, moisturizing, protection and  nourishing.

Acne treatment :

 Treatment medicated soaps for dry skin, pears soaps for oily skin, daily drink 8 glasses  of water and eat leafy vegatables.

Acne Pack :

  •  Pudina  - 1 Tsp
  •  Tulsi   - 1 Tsp 
  •  Neem    - 1 Tsp 

Take these ingredients together and mix it and keep to acne, after some days, black spots will come. Then you can apply this pack.

Pack :

  • Cucumber - 1 Tsp
  • Egg white - 1 Tsp
  • Radish Paste - 1 Tsp
By applying this to acne, this black spots will reduce.

This is due to the hormonal imbalances which can be in urine or liver. These patches are called as liver patches.

Types of pigmentation : There are 4 types of pigmentation.

      Pigmentation with acne :
     This is the most complicated in this, we have to first cure acne and then      pigmentation.

  •      Pigmentation with normal skin :
    In this stage, scrub facial is used.
  •      Pigmentation with dry skin :

     In this stage facial is given on T zone area with more cream and less water. more                  massage and less cold compression is given.

  •      Pigmentation with oily skin :

     In this case, facial is given with less cream and more water. less massage and more              cold compression.

Internal : 

      worm infestation liver problem, urinal problem and during pregnancy and delivery times.
      External : Bleaching, threading, improper removal of make up.

Treatment for pigmentation :

 Wheat flour  - 1 Tsp
 Honey      - 1 Tsp
 Almond       - 1 Tsp
 Egg whites   - 1 Tsp
 Curd       - 1 Tsp
 White Vinegar- 1 Tsp
 Rose water   - for mixing.
Cut cucumber and potato slices in small pieces, soak, both the slices for 24 Hrs with gawanic machine. With in 6 to 8 settings. It may return after 20 years.

Acne pimple pack :

Pudina or cucumber
Tulsi            Egg white
Neem    Raddish

Mix them together and apply to acne and after some days acne and black spots disappears.

Now In Present Age Acne Treatment is necessary for us .When the people go throw the age of the new young mean the adult age than he she facing the problems of acnes nail acnes pimples which are affecting the beauty very negatively in the majority people are facing this type of problems. Than the girls are scraping it with the help of nails which is not that action can bring the more side effects to our skin face and also making the sign in the face. There are a lot of acne cream in the market which are using for acne cleaning some are work and some are very expansive but still doesn’t has the proof of the good work.The expert of the skin are saying that acnes has the time it has the limit after that limit the acnes will go off so try to don’t touch the acnes and leave it after some time it will go off and your face will be clean clear from the acnes. Actually the acnes is because by the Hormonal jeans which are not maintain always it is for some time so wait for its own time than see the change if you are still facing it than go for the natural treatment mean to say that take the treatment from the remedies not directly us the acne cream which are not good for the face skin has the some dis advantages.


There are some homemade acnes treatment try to read it with details and apply your require tips on your problems.

If we take care of the skin face than we can stay away from the acnes easily. In this stage where we are feel fear of the acnes here we need the major points implement which is to take care of foods mean that eat the food which are good for it and leave the food which are not good for the acnes. Foods which are contains fats oils sweets these are bad for acnes so stay away from that food and also don’t eat the chocolates ice creams cookies etc. which are also very bad for it. The foods which are good for the acnes are the fiber diet vegetables fruits which are very good for them. Also stay away from the cold drinks.Instead of the cream you will need to try to use the soup there are the soups which are good for acnes so use it for it in the medical store markets these soups are a lot use it and see the work of it.
Lemon is the best solutions for acne treatments always try to use the lemon on your face for example take a lemon and squeeze it and massage with its juice to your face it will bring the amazing change on your face.
Add the some lemon drops in the glycerin and mix it than apply to your face it will also work very amazingly.

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