Benefits of Eggs

Benefits of Eggs Are more beneficial items for human which are very good for health care healthy body.
Egg is famous Globally it has the famous food item in all over the world. It is providing the Energy to our body. After the milk the egg is also that type of food which eating daily in difference ways methods. It was proof in the one research that egg is not bad for the ant kind of person who is facing a disease if a person eat the egg daily it will not bad for our health. 

benefits of eggs

According to one of the research that the heart attacks are not more in those types of peoples who are using eating the eggs daily those people’s heart attacks is less.

In the past there was the famous news that doesn’t use the eggs too much it will be negative effects for us. But now after some recent researches it is clearly define that eggs are not bad for health it has the benefits for human health now people are eating it daily in the dinner also the experts are saying positive pints of the eggs.


In the American medical association the scientists explain the nutrients in eggs with its benefits they said that in the egg there is the (anti-extend fooled B) vitamins and saturated Fat is very beneficial for the health in the Big Egg there is the 215ml which necessary the 300ml cholesterol daily for human body so from big size egg we can take more cholesterol. So if we see the cholesterol size in the big egg it is not bad for human body it will be beneficial for them more than 300ml cholesterol will be bring side effects for us so the egg is not having negative cholesterol size we can see the big egg nutrition value of eggs below.More than one egg will be not good for the health but here is the thinking phase is that that is the egg is not bad for the health than why not more than one eggs. The head of the American egg board nutrition’s center Donald says that the new researches which are held on the eggs it will change the minds of the peoples about eggs and the peoples will use the eggs without any problems and any fear. If the people are feeling the fear to eat the eggs about cholesterol so than he she need to read it carefully than suggest yourself because there are the a lot of the researches scientists says positively about that if they think than stay it this action.


Let’s see the charts or the Egg Nutrition which will provide you the very best way information’s about the egg health benefits.
Nutrient (Unit)                             whole egg
Calories (kcal)                                10.0
Protein (g)                                      6.3
Total fat (g)                                    5.0
Saturated fat (g)                           1.6
Choline (mg)                                 125.0       
Lutein & zeaxanthin (mcg)         166.0
 Vitamin A (IU)                              244.0
Vitamin D (IU)                               18.0
Vitamin E (mg)                               0.5
Vitamin B12 (mcg)                        0.7
Folate (mcg)                                   24.0
Calcium (mg)                                 26.0

egg protein

Egg white nutrition
                                                  EGG YOLK NUTRITION

Calories (kcal)                               15.0
Protein (g)                                      3.6
Total fat (g)                                    0.1
Saturated fat (g)                            0.0
Choline (mg)                                  0.0
Lutein & zeaxanthin (mcg)          0.0
 Vitamin A (IU)                               0.0
Vitamin D (IU)                                0.0
Vitamin E (mg)                               0.0
Vitamin B12 (mcg)                        0.0
Folate (mcg)                                   1.0
Calcium (mg)                                  2.0
Calories (kcal)                               55.0
Protein (g)                                      2.7
Total fat (g)                                    4.9
Saturated fat (g)                           1.6
Choline (mg)                                  125.0
Lutein & zeaxanthin (mcg)         166.0
 Vitamin A (IU)                              244.0
Vitamin D (IU)                                18.0
Vitamin E (mg)                               0.5
Vitamin B12 (mcg)                        0.6
Folate (mcg)                                   23.0
Calcium (mg)                                  24.0

·            There is the nutrients salt is also available in the egg which are very beneficial for us

· Egg can eat in every season and every age
· Daily eating eggs will give the benefits to our eyes look
· Without the body energy Give the potency to brain and eyes
· Always good for the weakness of the childes
· We can boiled the egg which can bring the more benefits for us
· If we take it raw egg it will be very beneficial for our health
· Mix egg with the milk and drink it is very useful
· Eggs are also good for hairs there are the lot of remedies homemade tips which are making through eggs.
Famous shampoo oil is also mixture of the eggs by the eggs it has their own benefits for our hairs skin.

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