Facial Steps Complete Guide

Facial Steps is a method to do a Best facial n your face. Before This method First know why we Get Facial. There are a lot of reason behind it because facial has the lot of benefits. Whitening facial skin care face care cleansing or health of the face skin b the facial our face and skin health can maintain easily. If we follow these facial steps which are given in this article than we can get the benefits from it easily. What are the benefits of the homemade facial there are a lot of benefits. It can increase the life of the face skin beauty. There are the pores in our face which are affecting our beauty. We can’t close it directly because it has their own attributes in the health topic. By help of the facial we can take care of them. This is the way to take care of the beauty of the face.

Before to know the facial steps in Urdu let’s see the whitening facial benefits.
There are some benefits which can get from the facial are the following.

1. It increase the blood circulation and take care if pores of face in normal condition.
2. Increase the skin activeness and flexibility.
3. It has the ability to smooth the skin and tight the mussels which are also golden chance.
4. Remove the blackheads and whiteheads which are bring the UN beauty to our face and clean the face from these type problems.
5. Skin become clean and clean from the darks pimples spots and other garbage.
6. It also known as the food of the skin. Clean the skin from the nail acne wrinkles and other issues
Homemade facial mean facial at home you can do it but not yourself you must need a person to help you it is not one person action you must need sister friends or others person to do it for you.

Let’s see the facial at home step by step methods and ways by which we can do it better.


Before everything you need to be fresh active for this process because you will need to stand for half hour to 40 minutes.
Items which are need for it that are the following.

1. Cold cream 2.cleansing cream
3. Towel 4.Wool
5. Scarf 6.skin tonic

7.Hot water pot to maintain the temperature of the water for long time.

Initial facial steps

To whom you are doing facial first wear the gown to her and lay her body on the bed or chairs. Above the head of them little and wear the scarf as well to her. Lie the towel or tissue paper bottom of the nick. And also prepare the hair like that which can’t make disturb you in the facial process.

Cleansing or Cleaning

Clean you face with the cleansing cream until it makes the foam. When make the foam than clean it with the help of wool and in the last clean you face with the tissues papers.
Now there are the major steps of homemade facial.

Face facial

Apply the cold cream on the face with the help of the finger than clean it with the wool. Now again apply the cream and with the help of both fingers and place it on the chin and slowly slowly go upward and expand on the forehead. Do this process two or three times. After that now place your hands on the nose and expand upward. Also do it two to three times. Now place the hands on the chin and finger place on the lips upper side. Go from one side to other side do it for two times.
see in the image.

Cheeks Facial Steps

With the help of both hands finger start the massage from the lips sides and go to the temples sides. Place the hands on the cheeks on both side of the hands than slowly slowly move the hands and then shingle it and replace the hands. Also do this process three times.
You can see in the image 6 7 8 9 about check facial.

Neck Facial steps 

The neck facial is also very important as a face. Whenever you going to do the face facial than focus on the neck as well.
First place you finger on the neck and go from up to down and down to up. Repeat this process 5 to 6 times.

2nd neck facial steps is that to bring the hands from forward to back or back to forward on the neck. This process will increase the flexibility of the neck. Now the end of the facial but do the whole face massage three times at the ends.
you can see in the above image no10.

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