Skin on the face is prone for cracks and damages due to fiery weather exposure like extremes of heat, cold, moist and dry dusty climate as well as to other important impurities(untidy). Where as the rest of the skin lies protected by clothes over the body, so facial is essential to compact all these 2 to with stand to this condition. Facial is done to have a glow on the face. It is another name of exercising the face muscles by good circulations on face. This stops wrinkles at an early age on face and neck.
Material required :

Low neck garment - 1
Cleansing milk - 1 Tsp 
Almond cream - 1 Tsp full
Plastic bowl and brush - 1
Hair band - 1
Towel - 1
Carrot/Cucummber/Potato/Lemon-As required
Medical cotton pads - As required
Facial massager or vibrator - 1
Ice cubes - Few
Black heads remover - 1
Face pack - As per required

Procedure :

MASSAGESet the need things ready, keep it at the available area, tie the hair with a band.
Make clients remove jewellery and take care by themselves.

Make it a note that your spa is not responsible for any valuables/Money/Jewellery of the clients.

  • Massage removes any dirt if present. Take an ice cube and rub it all over the face and chest.Start facial : First apply a little cream over the face massage from chest giving circular movements 2 or 3 times using finger tips. Simultaneously apply water while massaging.
  • Neck : Front part of the neck is massaged with cream, applying and tapping movements.Massage is always done in upward direction.Lifting up massage is done if double chin is present and sometimes fingers are used.
  • Return to chin and give strokes out, under the jaw line to the years up to relax point and return to the chin once again repeat the stroke with half moon stroke with thumb around the tip area. The massage should be done with fingers and corners of lips to be managed with both index fingers.Massage 2 to 3 times on and near the chin and lip area with the help of fingers.
  • Zig zag movements are done all over the face, nose; using upwards and downwards stroke up to the relax point with the middle finger. Small taps are given to nose tip.
  • Next make tapping movements on cheeks and use circular movements and give stroke out from nose edge to ears and up to the relax point.
  • Eye : use finger ring to massage lower part of the eye in clockwise and anti clockwise directions. Give 8 shape massage from one eye to another with one finger. Eye brows are massaged in upward direction, strokes with finger tips. Massaging and pressing or pinching the eye brows is done gently and relaxed at relax point.
  • Forehead : Round circles on fore head with fingers tips, place middle finger flat against your fore head and make scissoring movements. If this is done regularly, will help to dispel the forehead lines and wrinkles. Tapping movements and piano movements are used.
  • Lastly take your hands quickly touching all the parts of the face in the shape of 8. Always use only finger tips, repeat the easy movement or stroke 2 to 3 times and complete the stroke in 3 sets. After completion, firmly hold the pressure point at the relax points with the tips of the second index finger for 3.5 mins This will help in relieving muscle tension and promote tranquilising effect. 
  •  Finally, tap the entire face lightly 2 to 3 times next press with one hand making light vibration from jaw to fore head. Pinching movements have to be done all over the face(vibrator) for sometime, to get better results. Now close the face with both hands after facial for few seconds.Wipe out excess cream with damp cotton


Next, steam the face for 4 to 5 mins, especially on nose, near slides of nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.

Remove the black heads and white heads with remover and clean the face.

Face pack : Apply face pack according to the skin type and leave it for 15 to 20 mins or till it dries clean the face neatly with wet sponge.

Benefits of facial :

Massage helps to disper facial muscle tension, wrinkles and pigmentation.
Massage tones up weak muscle boots up good blood circulation and improves gradually in quantity and texture of the skin.
Facial can clean the skin from unwanted substance present and makes the skin glow.


Facial can be done by using fruits like banana, sweet almond orange black grapes and papaya etc. Vegatables like potato, carrot, cucumber using pulp and juices for oily skin
a little bit. Light cream is preferable for dry skin cream almond is used .

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