Long Hair Tips

Long Hair Tips is the need of every female now days for the better beauty. In the feminine beauty the Hairs has the supreme power as compare to other parts of body in the topic of beauty. It has the ability to get the focus of any person easily to yourself. For that reason we are here to bring the Long Hair Tips in Urdu which are the considering the basics beauty of the peoples. We all know that the foods vitamins proteins are need for the hair growth


There are a lot of vitamins which are necessary for the hairs growth better color strangeness and much more. There are a lot of vitamins which are having difference benefits for us in the topic of the hairs. So we will be going to explain it one by one also we will be have the Long Hair Tips and hair growth tips which will be have the positive impact on our hairs. So that vitamins we can get from the foods herbals natural items which are the golden gifts from the Allah. We will trying to get the naturally treatment from these items in the shape of remedies tips homemade treatment which are clean clear from the side effects and much more facts. If we see the medical medicine we don’t.t need to go for that directly first why not we try on these herbals remedies. Anyhow let’s be on the topic that which foods to eat for the hairs treatment which give us the hair growth and also help in the difference hairs problems diseases which are in the majority on us. So let’s go eyes on it.

Calcium Protein Iron phosphorus these are the need for us to be have beauty in this topic.


The main and major role in the hair growth that is the proteins which are the basic needs of the hairs. These proteins can get from the foods which are we eating. So what to eats to get proteins you can see in the image there are foods which contains proteins in the majority. So suggestion is that to eat these foods which are in the image for the hairs growth and strong hairs.

healthy hair foods

Hair Tips

Now let’s go to see the tips which can also help us that what to do and what not.
The biggest myth about hairs is the regular washing it. It can damage our hairs beauty plus health it deosn.t has the any advantages without some basics. We are using shampoo for washing it our hairs can clean buy it but it removes the grease and heartburn basement from the hairs which are naturally. Which can be totally negative fact. Carnell university research was held which proof that washing your hairs with the shampoo can removes the calcium phosphorus Iron and nitrogen so we learn above that these are the needs of the good hairs. I am not saying that don.t use the shampoo you can use it but it may be in the limit which are the given by medical. Us the shampoo there where your hairs are dirty and you need too much cleaning hairs than you can go for it otherwise stay away. Always use the good quality shampoo which has the good result not the good name. Name can buy by money but work and ability can bring by its efforts and work.

Always stay away from the chemicals use the simple water you can boil it. Rain water is also good for the hairs use it.
Whenever you wash your hairs with the bad shampoo if you have any enforcement than after washing it use the lemon water to clean it on it again by that way the negatives of the shampoo can be go off. These were the Long Hair Tips.

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