Truths About Pedicures That Ruin Your Feet

Truths About Pedicures That Ruin Your Feet

Warm weather also means that the season for pedicure is back. In the summer of sandals and slippers, I think many women will wear pedicures. But as far as I can't ignore, I'm writing a post today with a doctor. Let's take a look at the foot doctor Jacqueline Sutra 's "5 Truths About Pedicures That Ruin Foot Health."
Jacqueline SutraYou should look into your feet, ankles, toes, and heel before sitting in a pedicure chair. New York foot specialist Jacqueline Sutra says the problem is serious because of pedicures and infections.

The process of pedicure ruining foot health

For example, an athlete's feet have dry, callus feet that can hide warts. " It can make athlete's foot worse during a sweaty summer, and foot treatment, moisturizing, exfoliating foot piles and pumice can make things worse, " she said.

Infection through Tools
And you don't want to tell someone after you to risk the infection. Warts can spread as they get wet by others. They can hide in files, buffers and containers, Sutra said.

Precautions before Pedicure
We do not recommend shaving your legs before pedicure . A person can get infections from tiny scratches or holes, Sutra said. Pay attention to any small cuts or debris on your feet . Toenails that dig in should not be paired.

Red light if the color of the toenail is wrong

The color of the toenails can also be a problem. If your toenails are yellow, it can be fungal.
In this case, you should consider checking with your doctor. It's not time for pedicure.

Sutra's Proposal for Foot Health
Sutra suggests not leaving your manicure for more than two weeks. " Take off a day or two and have a good time. Take a breath, and then do a pedicure, " she said. And if you are in a pedicure chair, do not hesitate to pay the fee. Sutra suggested taking his tools .

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