Types Of Face Packs

Things required : 

 Multani Mitti powder      - 100 gms
 Orange peed powder    - 25  gms
 Sandal wood powder    - 25  gms
 Rose water                    - required
Mix the above ingredients, collect them in an air tight container and store it whenever required to prepare face pack, take 2 tsp of powder and mix well with rose water or any juice used for face or normal filter water or ice. Apply this paste as face pack after  facial. Allow it to dry and wash with water or clean with wet sponge.

Other face pack ingredients :

Multani mitti              -  100 gms
Gande kachrala powder   -  25  gms
Vativasula powder            -  10  gms
Rose Water            - As required

Mix the above powders and collect in an air tight container and store it. Whenever  required take 2 tsp of powder and make paste with a rose water or any juice. Apply face  pack after facial and allow it to dry and clean with wet sponge.

For oily skin :
Pudina Pack :
Ingredients :
Pudina leaf powder  - 20 budle leaves
Multani mitti           - 1 Tsp full
Rose water or juice  - As required

Procedure :

Take 20 pudina bundles and wash them well and keep the leaves to dry in shade. Grind the leaves and make a fine powder. Since the powder with a cloth or a mesh. Store it in air   tight container. Loaf powder is mixed with 1 Tsp full of multani mitti and make the paste  with rose water or any juice and apply a thick face pack. Allow it to dry, clean with wet  sponge.

Tender Neem Pack :
Ingredients : 1/4 pinch of sulphur multani mitti
                   1 Tsp rose water or Juice.

 Dry the neem leaves under shade for one week. Grind them to make powder.

Add 1/4 pinch of sulphur and also 1 Tsp full of multani mitti mix at with rose water or  juice. Apply as face pack. Allow it to dry and wash it with luke warm water.
Face pack for dry skin :

Honey   - 1 Tsp
Egg yellow  - 1 Tsp
Milk raw         - 1 1/2 Tsp

 Mix well above all ingredients. Apply as face pack. Clean it with a wet sponge.

 For combination skin :

 Things required :

Take 1/2 Tsp full of all the above powders. Mix with rose water or apply face pack. Clean  it with wet sponge after drying and then apply bleach.

Powder bleach is usually done for oily pimpled skin. It reduces oiliness and softens the black heads. So, that they are removed easily after streaming it, cleans the face and  gives glowness.

Things required :

Bleach powder     - 4 Tsp full
Liquid Ammonia  - 4 to 5 drops
H2O2                  -  As required
Moisturizer          - As required
Brush                  - 1
Plastic bowl        - 1

Procedure :

Mix all there in a plastic bowl, into a fine paste. Fin a hair band firmly to head to  avoid hair coming on the face. Apply the paste gently up to neck in upward direction.  Leave it for 15 to 20 mins or till it is dried. Clean the surface with a wet sponge.  Facial must be done after bleach.

Advice :

Do not use soap for 5 Hours.
This can be done every one month.
This bleach can be done for hands and legs also.
Care should be taken while applying near eye and eye brows.
Activator and H2O2 certainly harms the skin by regular use in later age.

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