You Should Know This 12 Kinds Of Food That Can Be Poisonous If Eaten Together

You Should Know This 12 Kinds Of Food That Can Be Poisonous If Eaten Together

Morning Lunch Dinner is a period of hot weather. How are you? In hot weather, you have to pay more attention to eating more and more for the rest of your body. The body is less immune to hot weather, so it can easily become painful. In particular, eating the wrong foods three times a day can harm our bodies. Based on the information from the Japan Health Center, we will introduce "12 foods that can be poisonous if eaten together."

06. Eel + Peach → Diarrhea
If you eat eel and then eat peach with your mouth, you may suffer from diarrhea. The disadvantage is that eel makes you feel strong while digestion is slow. Because of the fat in the eel. Eel contains 21% fat, which is broken down into fatty acids by lipase in the small intestine. Eating peach before it finishes digesting can cause diarrhea. This is because organic acid, which gives a fresh taste of peach, stimulates the intestines.

05. Octopus + Fern → Indigestion

Both octopus and bracken are foods that burden the stomach. Octopus is a high protein, but difficult to digest and bracken is a lot of fiber is difficult for people with a weak stomach. Eating these two together can exacerbate indigestion due to spillovers.

04. Shellfish + Corn → Food Poisoning
Shellfish are like crabs and are susceptible to germs. In spawning seasons they produce toxic substances to protect themselves.
Corn is also an indigestible food. If you eat corn after eating clams, you may experience slow stomach digestion and unwanted discharge of harmful bacteria, which can lead to upset stomach or food poisoning.

03. Steak + Butter → elevated cholesterol

Steak tenderloin and sirloin are rich in fat and tender and tasty. However, because it is high in fat, it is a high calorie high cholesterol food. The same is true for butter. Therefore, if you use butter together while cooking steaks, it will melt gently in your mouth, but it is difficult for the blood to soften.

02. Crab + Persimmon → Food Poisoning
If you eat persimmon, dried persimmon, or crystal fruit after eating crab, you can get food poisoning with indigestion. Crab is a high-protein food that causes food poisoning to grow quickly. If there is a harmful ingredient in the crab, it should be released as diarrhea immediately, and persimmon can cause constipation due to tannins in it. Because of this, harmful germs can remain in the body and cause food poisoning.

01. Ramen + Coke → Calcium Deficiency
Cola, a soda, interferes with calcium absorption. The same goes for ramen. Ramen has a good chemical bond with calcium, making it easy to cause calcium deficiency. If you eat ramen and drink cola with your mouth, you can weaken your bones and teeth by drawing all the calcium stored in your body. It can also lead to osteoporosis and tooth decay.

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